GEODynamics STRATX® offers a factory-loaded, plug-and-play, limited entry perforating system for unconventional reservoirs. STRATX® integrates EPIC™ Switch addressable technology with industry-standard detonator options into a programmable initiation control (PIC) module, delivering an intrinsically-safe, deployment-ready design. Quick and simple gun-string assembly saves time and increases efficiencies at the wellsite.


STRATX carriers accommodate a variety of GEODynamics shaped charge options. FracIQ®, Basix™, Razor®, Connex®, and Refrax™ charge technologies offer precision performance in spiral shot carriers. HELLFire™ charges offer effective multistage plug-and-perf operations in shorter-bodied planar shot cluster carriers.


GEODynamics delivers STRATX carriers fully loaded to match customer specifications and preferences.


  • Operation-readiness eliminates wellsite handling effort and streamlines run-in execution
  • Utilizes EPIC™ Command state-of-the-art shooting panel
  • Integrated EPIC™ Switch technology (fastest configurable and programmable addressable on the market)
  • Factory-installed shunted detonator, compatible with numerous industry-standard electric detonators
  • Zero wired connections between guns and in tandem subs
  • Disposable portless subs cut costs and reduce risk
  • Carriers available as a turn-key system


  • Top-fire configuration facilitates safe shipment of loaded perforating carriers (meets all DOT requirements)
  • Streamlined, intrinsically safe, factory-assembled reliability
  • Spiral shot configurations with multiple phasing options offer one (1) to 10 shots per carrier, using FracIQ®, Basix™, Razor®, Connex®, or Refrax™ charge technologies
  • Shorter than competitor designs
  • Completely disposable high efficiency perforating
  • Planar shot configurations offer one (1) to six (6) shot clusters using HELLFire™ charge technology