Completion strategies for perforating have evolved to a focus on overall optimization of well performance. Advances have been made in the way that charge performance is measured, analyzed, and modeled. GEODynamics’ iPerf® modeling software is one tool which embodies these advances. The experienced GEODynamics’ Simulation Services team uses iPerf® and other software tools to provide guidance and insight in the development of a perforating strategy that is specific to an individual well or entire field.

PulsFrac® Wellbore Dynamics Modeling

Modeling of large diameter, long length, and higher shot density gun systems is critical to the success of the job. The dynamics associated with these systems can be complex and prejob modeling is extremely helpful in identifying completion system configuration and wellbore issues. The PulsFrac® model is a wellbore model specifically designed for modeling the dynamics associated with downhole perforating and is the industry standard for this application. Either wireline or tubing conveyed applications can be analyzed.

Advanced Perforating System Modeling & Design

Several advanced perforating methods such as extreme overbalanced perforating; dynamic underbalanced perforating; and propellant-assisted perforating require modeling to properly design and optimize the system configuration. The complex wellbore dynamics of these systems are best modeled with the PulsFrac® software. The PulsFrac® model is a wellbore model specifically designed for modeling the dynamics associated with downhole perforating and is the industry standard for these types of applications.


Features of PulsFrac® Modeling

Features of PulsFrac® Modeling

  • Wireline perforating (tool jump and wireline damage)
  • Tubing-conveyed perforating (load on packer and tubing)
  • Fracture development and extension resulting from propellant-assisted perforating
  • Fracture extension and mechanical load on tubing and packer resulting from extreme overbalanced perforating
  • Determining optimum system configuration for dynamic underbalanced perforating
  • Verification if a specific perforating technique will benefit the formation and provide cleaner perforations

Typical output screen for PulsFrac® software. Shown are graphs for mass (top), fractures (middle) and pressure (bottom) vs. time, plus graphical summaries of setup and results (right).

iPerf® 2.0 Charge Performance Analysis

Predicting downhole perforating charge performance is beneficial to design the optimal completion system for a specific wellbore and formation configuration. The iPerf® simulator uses the latest modeling developments to deliver realistic downhole system performance which is based on findings from over 5000 laboratory charge tests conducted in formation rock under downhole conditions. Simulation performance results include entry hole, penetration, clear tunnel, and production estimates.

Quickly and efficiently test the impact of well, reservoir, and system design changes on predicted well performance.

Cutting Edge Features within iPerf®

  • Simulate Different Gun Systems & Reservoir Conditions
  • Depth of Penetration, Entrance Hole, Clear Tunnel Calculations using Rock based correlations
  • Stressed Rock Penetration model
  • Inflow Performance (IPR) Simulation
  • Based on Cement Correlation & Rock Penetration Models