The S1™ Ignitor and Crossover, to address the number one cause of failure to ignite power charges in zonal isolation perforating operations. The ignitor provides the thermal escalation required to initiate the pyrotechnic compound of a power charge. Conventional power charge ignitors have high failure rates due to reliance on spring contacts for the positive connection and friction contact with the firing head for the ground connection. The ignitor is installed into the switch sub in the space usually occupied by an electronic switch.


This new technology completes the circuit by hardwiring the positive and ground wires back to the wireline shooting panel, using the same wiring as the switches and perforating gun detonators. This ensures that connection isn’t lost during conveyance and mitigates loss of ground due to galvanic reactions. In addition to the fail-safe hardwiring feature, the new S1 Ignitor allows for the removal of several problem-related elements of the tool string, such as quick-change subs, and ultimately shortens the overall length of the tool string. By using a crossover to connect the switch sub with the setting tool, the new igniter is compatible with existing setting tools currently used in the market.



  • The patented technology provides wired connection back to the wireline shooting panel
  • Grounded – Safer and reliable
  • Increased reliability initiation
  • Fewer components
  • Shorten your tool string
  • Compatible with existing setting tools