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GEODynamics’ patent pending wireline Release™ technology provides a reliable option for freeing from a downhole tool string that has unexpectedly become stuck. During normal perforating operations, a solid state switch automatically connects the wireline to the tool/gun string when the voltage rises above 35V, regardless of polarity. This allows the surface to communicate with the release tool in isolation from the rest of the string when powered up to less than 35V.


The release tool is commonly run below the rope socket and the CCL. In the unfortunate event that it must be used, the tool is activated with state-of-the-art addressable technology administered from the GEODynamics EPIC™ Command or third-party shooting panel with tool interface panel. After the release command is executed, the tool separates at the engineered release point, allowing the wireline string to be pulled to surface. 


  • Non-motorized, non-ballistic release mechanism using proven technology
  • Service interval: Return after 100 runs for factory recertification
  • Addressable technology to initiate release
  • Can run multiple release tools in single string
  • Perform addressable and conventional checks through tool
  • No shock absorber required
  • Tensile: 50,000 lbs


  • Compatible with GEODynamics EPIC™ System and most industry standard pressure switches
  • Gun Sizes: 1-11/16” through 4-5/8”
  • Upper Connection: 1-5/8” 6 ACME Pin or 1-3/16” GO Box
  • Lower Connection: 1-5/8” 6 ACME Box or 1-3/16” GO Pin
  • Required Equipment: GEODynamics EPIC™ Command or third-party shooting panel with Tool Interface Panel
  • Swivel Sub: Available upon request
  • Refer to GEODynamics technical data sheet for compatibility with third-party addressable switches


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