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The GEODynamics QuickStart® Inject + Frac Valve provides the operator with an initial point to break down the formation and establishes a pump-in port for use in long horizontal completions. The device is comprised of an opening piston that is controlled by a special rupture disc.

The QuickStart® Frac Valve(s) are run as an integral part of the casing string and may be utilized in both cemented and uncemented well bores.


Key Features:

  • One piece mandrel design provides a very robust tool design that withstands burst pressure in excess of 20,000 psi.
  • Port Jetting™ improves injectivity to formation.
  • Opening sequence is controlled by a fit for purpose rupture disc that is designed to resist plugging or bridging at the membrane.
  • Mandrel design maintains casing string integrity and yield torque ratings. The tool can be "through torqued" onto the casing string for ease of make up.
  • High torque casing connections for ease in matching any number of today's requirements.
  • Exceeds all safety and environmental standards.
Part Number Connection Size Max O.D. Min I.D. Make Up Length (ft) Temp. Rating ˚F Flow Area Torque Rating ft/lbs Working Pressure
TC-QS450-0000 4.5 5.65 3.34 4 325˚ 6.8 15000 19000
TC-QS500-0000 5 5.65 3.34 4 325˚ 6.8 15000 19000
TC-QS551-0000 5.5 6.5 3.75 5.25 325˚ 7.5 20000 20000
TC-QS587-0000 5.5 7.38 4.67 4 325˚ 7.5 20000 20000


* 375 °F seals available upon request