QuickStart® FAQ

How many QuickStart valves have been run by GEODynamics?

As at 31st August 2019 – 1289 valves.

What is the highest temperature the valves have been run/actuated at?


What is the highest pressure the valves have been run/actuated at?

23,000 psi.

What is the longest time in hole before a valve has been run/actuated?

3 years at 350°F.

What is the overall success rate of valves operating successfully as designed to date?


Can the valve close once it's been opened?

No. An atmospheric chamber above the piston creates a pressure lock to ensure the valve stays open.

How long can you leave the valve downhole before opening?

3 months is the maximum that we'd prefer the tool to be deployed prior to opening. A longer duration would need to be approved by GEODynamics Completions Tools Product Line Manager.

Will the piston stop shifting if you bleed off pressure?

Once the tool has been actuated bleeding off pressure will not stop the piston only slow it down. Hydrostatic pressure will continue the shifting of the piston to the designed final position.

Does differential pressure matter?

Tool is designed only to be affected by absolute pressure. Our actuation mechanism is protected from differential pressure.

How much variance is allowed in the calculation of the rupture disc?
  1. Operating Pressure (mud, cementing and displacement) 10-15%.
  2. Actuation Pressure 2.5%
Who can the company man call for technical support if the sleeve doesn't open properly?

GEODynamics Completions Tools Product Line Manager

Are there any special recommendations you should take into consideration when running and cementing the valve?
  1. Ensure correct plug is selected.
  2. Make sure lines are flushed and cleaned before displacement of the plug.
Can I run a standard top and bottom plug on the Fullbore valves?


What should we do if the valve doesn't open?

Recommended to flowback and surge well.

What is different in the design of the tool compared to competitors?
  1. Time Shift™ technology prevents blockage from cement debris, and allows for operation of multiple tools
  2. Port Jetting™ technology increases injectivity.
  3. TORQ Thru™ technology maintains casing integrity so tool can be "through torqued" for ease of makeup,
    and allows the operator to rotate through the tool durning installation.
Do you manufacture your own wiper plug or what is suggested?

GEODynamics does not currently manufacture wiper plugs. However, we have suggestions based upon your completion's casing string and toe valve selection.

Are the tools torqued and ready to go?

Yes, our tools are torqued in a controlled manufacturing environment to ensure they are ready for makeup at the rig.

Where are the tools stored/housed for pending work?

Tools are assembled in GEODynamics Benbrook, Texas engineering and manufacturing facility. They are then stored at the closest GEODynamics facility where the well is located along with our Aberdeen, United Kingdom facility as required.

Available thread types and lead times?

Mandrel has been designed to accept multiple premium threads. Lead time is dependent upon premium thread desired.