The HELLFire® perforating system allows more effective multi-stage plug-and-perf operations.  At just 9.5-inches total length, HELLFire’s three- or six-shot cluster options unlock stage completions not possible with lengthy conventional spiral-phased technology. The short-bodied HELLFire system minimizes tool string length, and delivers more clusters per stage. HELLFire’s flexible design options allow engineers to specify ideal cluster count and spacing, resulting in lower costs, fewer stages, maximized injectivity, and optimal proppant placement, all with less equipment and a smaller crane.


The factory-loaded, built for wireline system improves convenience, safety, and reliability, whether run with addressable initiators or with tried and trusted pressure switches.


  • Compatible with industry standard addressable or mechanical switch technology
  • Pinpoint shot placement for fracture initiation
  • Integrated redundant grounding and charge tube retention
  • Zero wired connections between guns


  • Limited entry perforating design
  • Unconventional Reservoirs
  • Conveyable on wireline and slickline


  • Constant entry hole size & penetration regardless of gun position or casing size and weight
  • Provides more control of perf friction and near wellbore tortuosity
  • Allows the operator to accurately determine the number of open perforations, resulting in efficient treatment of all perf clusters within the stage
  • Creates predictable and repeatable pressure diversion across 100% of the perforations
  • Factory loaded and delivered
  • Reduces risk at the wellsite location
  • Reduces length of crane and lubricator


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