GEODynamics’ state of the art technology evaluation center facilities deliver the data that allows our clients to develop and select perforating systems that maximize well performance. Our experts will help you minimize uncertainty and maximize asset value.


GEODynamics’ engineering laboratory has been constructed to provide a consistent, reliable assessment of perforating charge and system performance. Tests can be carried out on single charges or fully‐loaded systems. Targets can be shot under ambient or stressed conditions. We follow industry standard test protocols, as well as performing custom‐designed tests engineered to represent the client’s specific downhole situation. Our laboratory facility supports both charge development and manufacturing quality control. GEODynamics leads the industry in the development of perforating systems yielding optimum flow performance under downhole conditions. Such systems can only be developed and manufactured with the support of an advanced perforator evaluation facility. We maintain an “open doors” policy at our laboratory because we view it as an essential tool in helping our clients develop, identify, and deploy the right perforating systems for their wells. Tests can be setup and executed both economically and efficiently, supporting the clients’ decision making processes and de‐risking their operations.


Charge Development and Optimization

Custom‐designed, fit‐for‐purpose shaped charge solutions, developed from scratch or by enhancing an existing, proven product. Fastest turnaround time in the industry.

Perforating System Development

Engineering design, prototyping, and performance testing of gun systems and accessories. We feature a full range of guns built from a proprietary high‐performance gun steel.

Gun Collapse Testing

Testing to determine the maximum collapse resistance of various expendable carriers.

Charge Performance Benchmarking

Comparative performance evaluation of alternative perforating products, typically carried out in compliance with American Petroleum Institute test protocols.

Customer Specific Tests

Evaluation of perforating products under specific conditions, typically representative of the actual downhole environment in which the product will be deployed. Allows the client to evaluate a perforating system before running it in a well, reducing risk and optimizing results.

We've built a facility that is the best of its kind in the world. It gives us information that we have no other way of getting, and we use that information to make things that haven't been made before.


Contact our engineering specialists to discuss how our expertise and facilities can be applied to meet your perforating challenge. Whether you require a quick test to confirm system performance under downhole conditions or a custom designed system to meet the most demanding completion challenge, we will deliver a fit‐for‐purpose proposal that meets your technical and commercial needs.

GEODynamics believes in transparent, auditable testing. We invite you to visit our facilities and to witness firsthand the tests we conduct for you. We view our facility as an important tool for assuring technical performance and customer satisfaction, and encourage clients to take full advantage of the capabilities we offer.