GEODynamics delivers a Limited Entry Perforating System for unconventional reservoirs. The FracIQ® Perforating System provides constant casing hole sizes, regardless of decentralized position, casing size, weight and grade, for optimal pressure drop during Frac.  With a constant entry hole and penetration, each cluster can be treated more efficiently.  Subsequent stages and wells can then be further optimized for limited entry fracture stimulation.


  • Best in class standard deviation of entry hole diameter (EHD)
  • Improves perf cluster efficiency
  • Shape charge technology engineered for current unconventional casing size, weights, and grade
  • Customized entry hole selection on request
  • Rated to 22,500 psi and 350˚ F for 10 hours



  • Limited entry perforating design
  • Unconventional Reservoirs
  • Conveyable on wireline, slickline, and tubing


  • Constant entry hole size regardless of gun position or casing size and weight
  • Provides more control of perf friction and near wellbore tortuosity
  • Allows the operator to accurately determine the number of open perforations
  • Allows for efficient treatment of all perf clusters within the stage
  • Creates predictable and repeatable pressure diversion across 100% of the perforations
Conventional Pressure Drop vs Design
FracIQ Shot Phasing 30-35-40
FracIQ® 40
Conventional Pressure Drop vs Design

FracIQ® 40 EHD is 0.40 inches, at all shot phasings

Conventional 0.42” Perforating System, the EHD varies at all phasing from 0.42 to 0.30 inches.

FracIQ® PRO perforating system will provide superior perforation efficiency during fracture stimulation when compared to conventional perforators which traditionally exhibit a higher entry hole diameter variance across the shot phasings.