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GEODynamics’ EPIC™ Test delivers an all-in-one testing, diagnostics, and configuration solution for perforating tool strings equipped with EPIC™ Switch technologies. The test box acknowledges the presence of switches and detonators, facilitates pre-run validation and switch configuration, and reports any problems detected.



  • Allows switch configuration to operate as a Set/Fire or BRT switch
  • Real-time indication of detonator/ignitor presence on surface
  • All switch interactions stored in an easily readable text file with simple USB download
  • Rugged and water-resistant for field operational environments
  • Automatic sleep/shutdown after idle periods to minimize battery consumption
  • Easy replacement of rechargeable battery for minimal downtime
  • Magnet supplied for easy ground connection


  • Clean, intuitive, touch-screen user interface
  • Test traceability from the gun shop to the wellsite
  • No offline downtime for battery charging
  • Battery status indicator displayed on every screen


  • Facilitates switch string interrogation and switch configuration
  • Redundant current limit on interrogation supply
  • RP-67 compliant; certified per Franklin Applied Physics
  • Powered by a single rechargeable battery (spare battery and charger included)
  • Communicates with all GEODynamics EPIC™ Switches and wireline release tools