EPIC Switches Web Image_2020_10_22


GEODynamics’ EPIC™ Switches offer the industry’s only digital switches capable of being field configurable to rapid firing mode, allowing them to function more like a pressure switch while preserving the safety and intelligence of an addressable system.


EPIC™ Switch with Flying Leads—The five (5) wired switch facilitates compatibility with standard pass-through bulkheads and non-ported subs, offering unparalleled flexibility.


On surface, the EPIC™ Test box is used to inventory the perforating string. The inventory process is repeatable while running in hole as a verification of viable switches.




  • Intrinsically safe
  • Shoot on-the-fly
  • Dual fire (switch types: normal or Set/Fire)
  • Viable switch count before each shot—checks connections to detonator, feed-through, and ground
  • Stable communications protocol capable on over 34,000ft (10,363m) of 0.288in (0.7315cm) greaseless line cable
  • Plug set and fire first gun from a single switch (dual fire capability)
  • Independent Third Party Organization (ITPO) certified RF Safe, ESD Safe, and API RP67 compliant
  • All wired connections, including detonator, safely tested with the EPIC™ Test box
  • Fully tested post-manufacturing; Quality Assured to ISO:9001:2015



  • Reassign address on surface without disassembly
  • Skip gun capability (skip a problematic gun and
    prevent non-productive time (NPT)
  • Inventory rate of 1 switch per second





  • No software requirement
  • Inventory and arm bottom-most circuit with one touch
  • Inventory rate of 5 switches per second