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GEODynamics’ EPIC™ Command shooting panel interfaces between the wireline and a logging system to deliver state-of-the-art efficiency in perforating operations.


Seamless integration with GEODynamics’ EPIC™ Switches and EPIC™ Test box makes for a feature-rich plug-and-perf shooting panel for today’s high speed, multi-well, zipper frac completion techniques. Command’s advanced electronic telemetry makes for trouble free conveyance and POOH, while shooting on the fly is a breeze.


Depending upon the switch configuration the EPIC Command shooting panel can inventory the string at a rate of up to 5 switches per second, reducing risk in shooting-on-the-fly operations.


  • Shot plot display on panel for real-time review; shot plot data stored for future review
  • All switch interactions stored in an easily readable text file with simple USB download
  • Auto-adjust telemetry requires no user intervention; successfully tested on over 35k’ greaseless wireline
  • CCL hosting capabilities for on-panel display, audible CCL alarm, and output to logging system
  • LOG and AUX line routing to host non-ballistic services
  • Check-fire capabilities


  • Clean, intuitive, touch-screen user interface
  • Drop-in replacement for existing panels
  • Shot power controlled via button fire sequence
  • Panel delivers only enough power to initiate the ignitor or detonator, then ends the shot to minimize abuse on wireline and collector rings
  • No separate panel required for CCL hosting or check-fire functions


  • Firing voltage up to 350V, software limited to 2A maximum
  • Variable Correlation Voltage (Switch Mode vs. WRT Mode)
  • Correlation current hardware limited to 125mA
  • Safe Key termination per RP-67
  • 2ru rack mount height
  • Compatible with GEODynamics EPIC™ Switches and wireline release tools